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Listen to the news, read professional articles, and observe people in their workspace it becomes apparent how much Diversity & Inclusion matters to the Millennial generation. The generation that brought tremendous market attention with professional think tanks producing reports on how to reach, work with, lead, or sell products to them.

The Millennials are no longer coming; they’re here and makeup half of today’s workforce including holding leadership positions in today’s professional world. Market disruption, social entrepreneurship, YouTubers making millions, are evidence of their impact and the Brexit backlash seems to have put the nail in the coffin.

Brexit has shaken the globe

The world is in a bit of shock at the success of Great Britain’s ageing population with the “Leave” campaign claiming a victory. This upset the majority of youth, in a way that makes one want to sing Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s hit song, “Parents just don’t understand“. The fact is, Millennials prefer to work and live in multicultural environments with a baseline of mutual respect. Deloitte University Press released their Human Capital Trends report with astonishing figures reporting major overhauls are taking place to replicate the environment in which Millennials prefer, with a focus on diversity and inclusion, which allows greater chances of success and reinforces a culture which drives strategy and execution.

This points to a deeper lesson to be taken from Brexit for the executives sitting on top of the ladder. Millennials have truly embraced the world they grew up in and their constant exposure to what is happening in the world proves they are true citizens of the world. They don’t want to go back to what was. They like their future, just fine. The disruption created from Brexit doesn’t actually fit their picture of what their world should or would look like.

What does disruption mean for companies?

The word “disruption” continues to populate LinkedIn and blog posts, with companies trying to figure out how to create disruption – or at least survive it. The simple truth is that in order to survive disruption, companies and teams have to look at their culture. Culture is everything; it is the foundation in which you build your house, it will hold the weight of the building as it grows and when the right culture is established it drives strategy and execution.

If you want to create disruption, get your culture right, and to do so, start with Diversity & Inclusion. Those two words are the solution to a lot of issues in this world from market disruption, political instability, international relations, complex civil-military problems, and the list goes on.

The Strategy

This is our starting point, bring everyone and make them truly a member of the team with mutual respect and value placed on their contributions. Build your culture around Diversity & Inclusion and you will find a team who respects each other to stand strong through the uncertainty that disruption creates.

In my experiences leading in and out of the special operations community, the formula is always the same, only the execution is different depending on the variables present. Take a group of individuals, align them with a culture they can believe in and let your culture drive the strategy. Whether it is indigenous militias, sports teams, special operations teams, or groups of people in an office behind cubicles.

Check your culture and ensure you have true Diversity & Inclusion.


Eric Yarger is the country manager and trainer for Getting More Australia, training High Stakes negotiations to a broad range of clients from Google to Special Operations and Intelligence organisations within the Asia Pacific region. He is also the co-founder and Operations Director for NOVOMODUS, a change management company.

Eric’s background is as an elite Reconnaissance Marine and Special Operations Marine Raider in the United States Marine Corps. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan in 6 combat deployments. He has three awards for valour in combat, including Bronze Star with a V.


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